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Proper training forms the foundation for a good climb, irrespective of the altitude. Often we encounter climbers who are exceptionally strong in one aspect and totally clueless in another. With our years of experience on the high mountains and the hundreds of climbers we have encountered, we have designed our training programs that suit every individual in a customized manner. In each of the programs, our master trainers will ensure that you build all the necessary tools required : Fitness, Nutrition, Outdoor Protocols, First-aid, Technical Know-how, etc. The list of the programs that we offer:


Module – I

This program is for everyone who wishes to take their first step into mountaineering. The 7-day course is conducted at our Rock Climbing School near Hyderabad, India. The programs covers the basics rock craft, building your fitness for big mountains and outdoor etiquette (camp craft).


Module – II

This program takes you to the next level of preparation for your mountaineering goals. We conduct this module in a high altitude location ranging between 3000m-5000m. Here we train you in the fundamentals of snow & ice craft along with essential rescue techniques. This module often culminates in climbing a sub-5000m peak in India.


Module – III

This is program is a very elite level of training that we offer for climbers aiming for 7000m-8000m climbs. This has been our mainstay and mandatory for all clients signing up for Everest climb. The program setting is in winter, with main objective of testing your preparedness to handle extreme cold temperatures (-30c) and performing all mountaineering related tasks in the elements. Our training conditions in this program often meet or exceed the actual climbing conditions on Mt.Everest.