After 12 years of climbing and spending time in the mighty Himalayas, Transcend Adventures finally came into being in year 2012.

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Mount Everest – Nepal

South Col Route

The most popular climbing route for Everest, The South Col route is through Nepal. This route gives a wholesome experience of the Nepalese culture and more so the way of the Sherpa Life. The first people to set foot on the summit of Mt. Everest have used the South Col route.

Mount Everest – Tibet

North Col Route

The North Col Route of Everest stands as a witness to the history of climbing originating from the Tibetan Plateau. The plateau opens up to some of the highest and most spectacular peaks of the world. This route soaks you up in the enigma of the native Tibetans, who have been showering their hospitality since the first expedition to the peak in 1921.

Mount Lhotse

South Col Route

The summit to Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world belongs to the massif of Mt. Everest. From the Base Camp to the Camp 4 at South Col, the route to both the mountains is the same. It’s at Camp 4 that the route to Lhotse diverges from that of Everest.

7 Summits of the World

Climbers Trained
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Mountaineers Trained
On Kilimanjaro
Everest Summits
261 +
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