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About Transcend Adventures

Transcend Adventures came into being in the year 2012, to offer only the best of mountain guiding services to all. With safety as our top priority, we have successfully put 92+ climbers on the summit of Mt Everest! The company was founded by experienced Indian mountaineers with the sole purpose of making adventure activities like climbing and Mountaineering accessible to anyone with an interest. 

Our mountain guiding services stretch across the 7-continents of the world and we have successfully placed our clients on the tallest mountains of the planet. When it comes to mountaineering, we offer end to end services that includes training, logistics, bespoke services supported by the most experienced professionals. 

Whether it’s mountaineering in INDIA or Nepal or Tibet,  or climbing in Seven continents,  Transcend Adventures do it all! We believe in delivering what we say.



Dawa Sherpa

Director - Expeditions

Anvitha Padamati

Head - Training

Parmesh Kumar

Training Advisor

Kishore Dhankude

Advisor, Training

Kamalesh T


Rakesh Kumar

Head, Operations