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Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus

Mt. Elbrus (5642m) is the Highest Peak in Europe is located in Russia. The peak stands tall in the Caucasus range of mountains that stretch between the Black Sea and the Caspian sea.

The climb offers an experience like no other: A challenging and rewarding climb along with a enriching experience of the Russian country side. The ascent of Mt Elbrus by the north route is a long climb over a moderate incline (average 35 degrees, with some sections on the summit day increasing to 40 degrees) that requires good acclimatization but present few technical difficulties. However, despite the apparent simplicity of this route, it can be dangerous. The altitude, variable weather, and often low temperatures can transform the ascent into a real mountain adventure!

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Climbing Mt.Elbrus can be a perfect peak for your first high-altitude pursuit. The mountain is semi-technical in nature and offers a good climbing challenge. Climbers are recommended to have an excellent level of fitness, which will form the foundation of not just this peak, but to all of their future climbing endeavors. Training and preparation in basic ice and snow craft will be essential to attempt this peak
To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of pre-requisites that are required to climb Mt.Elbrus:
Physical Fitness:
Climbers are expected to have an exceptional level of physical fitness. Consistent, structured training specific to mountaineering over a period of 6-8 months will be an absolute requirement for anyone looking to climb this peak. One must be able to trek 6-8 hrs comfortably carrying a backpack weighing 10-15 kgs.
Mountaineering Experience:
Prior mountaineering experience will be a great advantage, for anyone looking to attempt Mt.Elbrus. For novices, good training lessons of ice & snow craft, ability to walk in boots attached with crampons, among others will be required.
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Arrival at Mineralnye Vody Airport and drive to Terskol
Our English-speaking guide will be receiving you at the Mineralnye Vody (MRV) airport. We head towards our hotel in Terskol. The approx. 3.5 hr drive will pass through the scenic countryside of Russia, also giving us the first view of the peak. Overnight stay will be at the hotel on a sharing basis.

Acclimatization Hike to Mt.Cheget
Today we begin our first of the acclimatization hikes, to Mt. Cheget (3400 m). It will take about 4 hours to the top and 1.5 hours back to the base. After the hike, we head out to the local gear rental shops to hire any gear. Our guide will assist you to choose right equipment. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Azau to Base Camp Huts
Today we head to the huts located at 3800m. We do this by taking a series of cable cars from Azau all the way to the huts. Overnight stay at the huts.

Hike to Pashtukova Rocks
We undergo our next acclimatization hike up to the Pashtukov rocks (4800m) and return to the huts. The total time spent would be around 6-8 hrs of trekking on ice and snow.

Rest Day
Today we take a complete day off from climbing to allow rest and recovery of our body. During the later part of the day guide will do a refresher on the techniques of self-arrest. Each member will practice these techniques on the slopes.

Summit Day
We leave the huts at about 3 a.m. for the climb of Elbrus’ west summit, 5642 m (18,510 ft). It is possible to hire a snow-cat (Ratrak) for a group. This vehicle carries climbers (12 people) up to Pashtukov rocks and saves 4 hours of time and a lot of energy. Generally, for an average group, it takes about 9 hours to reach the top and 5 hours to come back to the hut.

This is a reserve day* in case of bad weather on the previous day. Overnight at the hut.

One more reserve day* in case of the bad weather or excursion. When the group takes an attempt of reaching the summit on this day, it is necessary to descend to the valley same evening, because the ski lifts conclude services each day at 4 p.m. Overnight stay at hotel.

Drive to Mineralnye Vody airport early in the morning to be in time for the flight. Arrive Moscow and continue flight to Delhi.

* Reserve days: In case of an early summit without delay, one can spend the remainder of the time in the base camp itself and all the food & accommodation is covered in the package. However, if one wishes to come back to Mineralnye Vody, the food and accommodation is borne by the client.

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