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Mt. Everest Expedition

Mt.Everest, the name that needs no introduction in the mystic and amazing world of mountains. Standing at 8848.86m, it was first climbed in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir Tenzing Norgay. The mountain today has been the ultimate prize for every climber looking for the ultimate high: Physically and Emotionally!

The journey to reach the highest point on the planet earth is an experience in itself. It often involves multiple years of preparation, slowly and steadily building yourself by gaining the necessary experience & skill by climbing progressively higher peaks. While standing on top of the summit of Mt.Everest is an experience like no other, the journey of making this happen remains the most memorable experience for each person.


Expedition Schedule
Arrival in Kathmandu (KTM), Nepal. Transfer to Hotel & Briefing by Expedition Leader
Re-check and finalization of official documentation, followed by local sight-seeing
Pooja ceremony and local sight-seeing
Purchase of personal equipment
Drive from KTM to Nepal-China Border
Drive to Kerung County (2700m)
Acclimatization day at Kerung County
Drive to Old Tingri (4348m) - Guest House
Acclimatization hike at Tingri (4700m)
Drive to Everest Base Camp (5150m)
Rest & Acclimatization & Packing for Higher Camps
Trek to Interim Camp and to Advance Base Camp
Puja ceremony & Acclimatization at Advance Base Camp

Mt. Everest

COST approximately

INR. 3,50,000/-


19 Days

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    First officer from the Indian Forest Service to climb Everest (2016)

    Transcend Adventures is the go-to expedition outfitter if you have to climb 8000m peaks. The training that they offer is like no other. Yes, at times they make you train very hard, but in the end, it’s all worth it. Their team right from Admin to on-ground personnel are very knowledgeable and carry a lot of experience.

    Prabakaran S

    Climbed Mt.Everest In 2014

    Transcend Adventures took care of my entire training and preparation when I had climbed Mt.Everest in 2014. The attention to detail they have given in the training phase made sure that I did not have any ‘surprise’ experience during the actual climb. I personally feel that they are the best to offer mountaineering training for beginners who wish to climb big mountains

    Anand Kumar Sadhanapally

    Youngest Girl in the world to climb Mt.Everest (2014)

    It’s too hard for me sum up in words, how Transcend Adventures was-has-will be part of my life. Honestly, this is where my journey into the mountains has begun and still continuing. I am most comfortable and safe, each time I do an expedition with Transcend Adventures. The best thing about climbing with Transcend Adventures are the hospitality arrangements. I never miss my steamed rice and pickle, while on an expedition!”

    Poorna Malavath

    Ready to embark on this life-changing journey?