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Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid

Carstensz Pyramid is a 4884m tall mountain, the tallest in the oceanic continent. The peak is located in the exotic forests of Indonesia. The peak is called as Puncak Jaya (Victory Peak) in the Indonesian language. The peak is totally different challenge among all the 7-Summits and primarily requires basic to intermediate rock climbing skills. We undertake the convenient and most effective approach to climb this peak: via helicopter. The decades old option of walking through the thick tropical jungles, which take about 7-10 days to just reach the base camp. We simply fly from Timika and arrive at the base camp via a helicopter.

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Climbing Carstensz Pyramid can be your first peak among the 7-summits, provided you have a good rock climbing experience. The mountain is semi-technical in nature and offers a good climbing challenge. Climbers are recommended to have an excellent level of fitness, which will form the foundation of not just this peak, but all of their future climbing endeavors. Training and preparation in basic ice and snow craft will be essential to attempt this peak
To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of pre-requisites that are required to climb this peak
Physical Fitness:
Climbers are expected to have an exceptional level of physical fitness. Consistent, structured training specific to mountaineering over a period of 6-8 months will be an absolute requirement for anyone looking to climb this peak. One must be able to trek 6-8 hrs comfortably carrying a backpack weighing 10-15 kgs.
Mountaineering Experience:
Prior mountaineering experience will not be required for anyone looking to attempt this peak. However, a good foundation of rock climbing is required. Scrambling, being comfortable at climbing YDS 5.5-5.8 routes, and adept in rappelling & jumaring will be required.
Please check out our ‘Training’ page for custom programs for your climbs.



Arrival in Bali
We shall receive you at the airport in Bali and transfer to the hotel. Our guide will meet you at the hotel and brief you about the upcoming climb.

Fly to Timika
We take an early flight from Bali to Timika. We do a final gear check and pack the required bags to the base camp. Any extra bags can be left at the hotel in Timika, which can be picked up on our way back.

Fly to Carstensz Pyramid Base Camp
We take a helicopter ride to the base camp and spend the rest of the day acclimatising.

Summit Day
We take a push at the summit and return to the base camp. Due to the short nature of the climb, the climb upto the summit will be a single push and return.

Reserve Days
Due to the very unstable flying conditions of the region, we have almost 5 reserve days that act as your summit attempt days as well as your return flight to Timika.

Arrive in Bali
Upon your arrival in Bali, you have the entire day to refresh yourself and explore the city.

Depart from Bali

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