After 12 years of climbing and spending time in the mighty Himalayas, Transcend Adventures finally came into being in year 2012.

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Rock Climbing School Bhongir

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Rock Climbing School, Bhongir

Bhuvanagiri, popularly known as ‘Bhongir’, stands tall at 609 meters above sea level, with an isolated monolithic rock which has a uniquely egg-shaped hump. There is a fort with two-entry points and is naturally protected by huge rock formations. The fort was built by the Western Chalukya Ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI in the year 1076 AD. It was thus named as Tribhuvanagiri and as time passed by its name was transformed as ‘Bhongir’ as called in the present.

Rock Climbing School, Bhongir established by Telangana Tourism, Govt of Telangana in association with Transcend Adventures at Bhongir, Nalgonda district, Telangana.The specially designed courses are offered at 3 different levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. These courses cover all the technical know-how of rockclimbing: gear, techniques, safety practices & environmental friendly practices.

The faculty is led by our Chief Instructor Mr. Parmesh Kumar who is accompanied by well qualified instructors with their plethora of climbing experience. We also have visiting faculty of professional mountaineers and rock climbers during each course, which gives the students more exposure to the practices from different parts of the world.

All gear that is used in the instituition is UIAA & CE certified.

RCS-Bhongir offers a rock climbing experience for people from every walk of life. If you are just a beginner and want to know what the sport is all about, then the ‘One-Day Orientation Course’ is for you. And if you already know that your heart beats among the rocks, more intense certificate courses of various levels are available for you to choose from.

This is our most popular one-day course that briskly covers the basics of rock climbing. This course is apt for those who are interested in rock climbing but do not know where to start. The imparts a concise theoretical knowledge about the life in the outdoors : safe environmental practices, hazards in the outdoors, technical gear in rock climbing, etc. This is then followed by experiential learning & practice of techniques involved in Bouldering, Sport climbing & Rappelling. This course is highly recommended for working individuals with the usually stressful life, to come and experience a day in the lap of nature, filled with a lot of adrenaline!

Got a busy schedule and can’t commit to the 5-day course but still want to learn? The weekend executive course is just for you. The same course is spread over 4 weeks, only on the weekends. This is a premium course and requires a full commitment for the entire duration of schedule. Contact us for further details.

A rigorous 5-Day course prepares the participant in the fundamentals of rock climbing and instills a sense of discipline, sensitivity and care for both self and the environment. The course begins with a general instruction of : Knots, Gear, Communication, Belay, Rappelling & Safety Protocols. The next leg consists of learning techniques to balance and hold oneself on the rock. This is followed by bouldering and top-roping of climbing routes. The course culminates with practical and written test of the lessons taught during the course.

The course aims at refreshing the skills learnt at Basic Course and extensive practice of rock climbing. This is achieved by encouraging the participants to climb on routes with progressive level of difficulty on ‘Top-rope’. The course also covers various rope skills, climbing multi-pitch routes, self rescue, first aid and introduction to lead climbing. The course is recommended for participants who have received an ‘A’ grade in Basic Course. A practical test is mandatory for people who have not completed the Basic Course but have decent level of experience of rock climbing.

The advance course covers lead climbing, anchor building, buddy-rescue, advance rope skills, aid climbing, route finding and other advance techniques. The participants are allowed to climb on several single & multi-pitch routes to develop proficiency in technique and gain mileage on several hundred vertical feet. The eligibility for these course is for all those who have secured an ‘A’ grade in the intermediate course.